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An Industry of Misery

The Deportation & Detention system of the United States exploits Immigrants and refugees by isolating them from lawyers, locking them without hope in remote detention centers, and separating them from their families and communities.

Every case that should win, does win, every time, everywhere

We leverage technology, law, and activism to advance immigrant and refugee justice

We need you

You can defeat isolation and exploitation. You can create fairness and access to courts. You can advance immigrant and refugee justice.

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Our Accolades

Innovation Law Lab’s data-driven focus and dynamic learning approach is successfully advancing justice for immigrants and refugees.

Innovation Law Lab was awarded Innovator of North America

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How We Work.


No One Goes it Alone; we are in this together and we will solve it together. We engage in authentic collaboration.


We rely on each other and our systems, to get things done right at the right time, learning all the time to be better and make it better.


We move fast yet we don’t hurry because while we operate in hotspots and hostile conditions, we solve for the crisis.


Hardest Place first, Hardest Things First: our priorities are to help those who are more vulnerable and where resources are scarce. for system change

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As a nonprofit organization, Innovation Law Lab relies on generous contributions from supporters like you to continue our important work of upholding the rights of immigrants and refugees. Stand with immigrants and refugees making a contribution today