WritingEvery day, nonprofit legal service providers represent individuals threatened by deportation, striving to secure justice-centered immigrant and refugee legal norms. Among the many challenges of practicing immigration law, most legal nonprofits lack the resources to formally represent every client they advise and depend on cost-saving tactics and applications that increase organizational efficiency. How can nonprofit organizations extend their legal power to more effectively address complex immigration cases?

Welcome, LawLab by Innovation Law Lab. Designed with nonprofit legal service providers in mind, LawLaw is a case management software that addresses the essential needs of nonprofit organizations, empowering attorneys to continue advocating for the rights of immigrants and refugees.

For those in search of powerful legal nonprofit case management tools, here is what LawLab can offer your practice:

  • Tools to organize and streamline case processes. Equipped with a collection of features designed to support positive case outcomes, LawLab standardizes your work procedures. Users are presented with a daily report of new and unfinished tasks from upcoming deadlines, scheduled events, unreturned contacts and other next actions. These tasks can be passed to other associates for completion, organized in an easy-to-view checklist. These cost-saving measures preserve your energy and give greater structure to your casework.
  • Data collection for better grant reporting. LawLab is a powerful tool for data collection and reporting, supporting grant reporting requirements. Rather than spend time chasing down records and piecing together pieces of data, LawLab sorts essential information for you. As it records billable projects and activities, measures the effectiveness of organization program and it staff and volunteers, LawLab aggregates data that speaks on the efficacy of your legal nonprofit.
  • Flexible features allow you to make instant modifications. As your organization grows and adapts, LawLab will grow and adapt to fit your needs. Whether you’ve added numbers to your team or need to pivot your research and data points, LawLab’s flexible system allows you to make instant changes to evolve your program. With LawLab, your organization can on-board volunteers and provide access to case information without affecting the integrity of your data. Whether your work happens in an office space, or from multiple destinations around the world, your files are accessible from different sites. LawLab offers your organization the flexible tools your casework requires.
  • Best-in-class software for a nonprofit budget. For legal nonprofits, the ability to provide pro bono legal advice depends on a variety of external and internal resources. Thankfully, LawLab is priced at a nonprofit-sized budget. For recognized and accredited nonprofit organizations, Innovation Law Lab offers a month to month subscription to LawLab, accessible to your entire organization, no matter how large your team becomes. That’s unlimited users, unlimited users and unlimited clients and access support and training features for one price.

Ready to start your free trial? Create your own account to learn more about Innovation Law Lab’s LawLab software and its available subscription plans. Discover the power of data-driven, client-centered case management software and how you can revolutionize your legal nonprofit organization with LawLab.