Innovation Law Lab stands firmly with immigrant communities. We advocate for the rights of all immigrants, including individuals seeking protection at the U.S. border and throughout the country who have been subjected to the inequities of a deeply flawed immigration system. Immigrants are our neighbors, our family and friends, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. President Biden in his State of the Union address last night used the term “illegal” which is an old idea, so often used to dehumanize our immigrant community. We call on the President and Congress to join in building our collective prosperity by lifting up, valuing, and honoring the contributions of our immigrant communities. 

We emphasize that intensifying border enforcement  has proven to  inflict harm and exacerbate violence against immigrants and is not a viable solution. President Biden’s responsibility is to fulfill his promises to improve access to asylum and to pursue comprehensive immigration reform. We urge the administration to implement policies that uphold this duty, ensuring the protection and respect of all immigrants’ rights and dignity.