The Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, proposed by Senate leaders and supported by the Biden administration, is a horrific piece of legislation rooted in racism and fear mongering and should be summarily rejected. 

If this harmful piece of legislation were to be enacted, it would eviscerate key parts of the U.S. asylum system, significantly restricting individuals’ ability to seek protection in the United States. By augmenting ‘expedited removal’, the bill would also expand a process of accelerating deportations with minimal procedural safeguarding. The measures proposed in this bill would violate our long standing commitment to the Refugee Convention and the values upon which this country was created.

The bill also proposes an expansion of immigration detention, ignoring the numerous failed inspections, countless reports of medical malpractice, psychological abuse, and far too many instances of death that highlight the inhumane conditions inside of immigration detention facilities. As long documented, an increase in immigration detention will only result in the enrichment of giant private prison corporations at the expense of the physical and psychological well being of people seeking safety in the United States.

Ian Philabaum, Director of Legal Organizing at Innovation Law Lab, said: 

“Innovation Law Lab stands resolutely in opposition to the weaponization of laws intended to protect and welcome immigrant communities for political ends. We vehemently oppose the proposal to embed racism and fear into law and reaffirm our unwavering commitment to advancing comprehensive and equitable immigration reform. This reform must honor the inherent dignity and rights of every person, ensuring a fair and humane immigration system.”