Innovation Law Lab is appalled by President Joe Biden’s executive action today, which imposes severe limitations on migrants’ ability to seek asylum at the United States southern border. This new measure grants the President the authority to shut down the border between official entry points. 

Shortly after announcing the new executive order, President Biden issued a Proclamation which introduces strict measures and shuts down the Southern border for those seeking asylum effective midnight tonight. 

This proclamation represents a significant shift from previous commitments to immigrant rights and asylum protections made by the President. Innovation Law Lab stands firmly against any policy which undermines the fundamental right to seek asylum. We urge the Biden Administration to implement immigration policies that recognize and honor the dignity of every individual who comes to our borders seeking safety, protection and a better life. Immigrants are fundamental to our country’s success and should be welcomed. 

The Biden Administration’s decision to restrict asylum access not only endangers the lives of individuals who have embarked on perilous journeys fleeing violence and persecution but also sends a disheartening message to immigrant communities within our borders. 

We must send a clear and welcoming message to those who seek refuge in the United States. Immigrants and asylum seekers are integral to our communities because they are our neighbors, our friends, and family members. 

Tess Hellgren, Director of Legal Advocacy at Innovation Law Lab, emphasizes the gravity of this situation: “The opportunity to seek protection in the United States is a legal right, not a privilege that can be arbitrarily withdrawn. It is our legal and moral obligation to ensure that this right is preserved and that our nation meets individuals seeking safety with the dignity and respect they deserve. The Biden Administration’s latest action does precisely the opposite. Because of this new policy, individuals and families who are lawfully seeking refuge in our country will be trapped in dangerous limbo or forced to return to the very violence and persecution that they fled.”

Innovation Law Lab will continue to work tirelessly to advocate for fair and humane immigration policies and to support the rights of all individuals to seek protection.

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