“It has been seven months since I left my country, and I do not know what has become of my wife and children because I have not been able to communicate with them… I feel a deep anguish with every passing day. I pray to God and hope that I will soon leave this prison.”


“Desde que salí de mi país hace siete meses que no se nada de mi familia, de mis hijos y de mi esposa, por falta de comunicación. Es una angustia muy difícil en la que me encuentro dia con dia. Pero le pido a Dios que todo esté bien y que pronto salga de esta prisión.”


Through community support of the Bond+ Fund, we have raised over $11,500, leading to the release of two individuals, Carlos and Abdoulaye, whose bonds totalled $8,500. Today, Carlos and Abdoulaye are free from detention and united with their families and friends.

There are still two men inside facing costly bonds with limited resources and several more awaiting decisions on bond who may need assistance very soon.

Erin, an asylum seeker from Honduras, and Hamidou, an asylum seeker from Mauritania, remain in Sheridan, each facing a steep $7,500 bond.

The total amount we need to pay Erin and Hamidou’s bonds is $15,000. As of today, we have approximately $3,000 remaining in the Bond+ Fund. With your help, we can raise the $12,000 more needed to free Erin and Hamidou from Sheridan.

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