On July 9, 2022 we were in Folkston, Georgia with Somos South Georgia & Shut Down FIPC to visit people detained at the Folkston ICE Processing Center and to talk with people in town about where they would rather see federal tax dollars go besides a prison to torture immigrants and others.


The DHS Office of the Inspector General recently conducted an unannounced inspection of Folkston ICE Processing Center and found over a dozen violations, including conditions that endangered the health, safety & rights of detained people. You can read their report here.

Garsumo Dorley, currently detained at FIPC,  has experienced many of the abuses outlined in the OIG report. We recently joined Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, Malaya Movement USA’s Georgia Chapter, Project South and the Southern Poverty Law Center to send a demand letter on Garsumo’s behalf to ICE & GEO Group (the for-profit prison company that operates FIPC) after Garsumo was attacked by guards and placed in solitary confinement for 54 days.

#ShutDownFIPC #FreeThemAll