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From individuals seeking safety and asylum, to parents striving to secure better opportunities for their children, the outcomes of immigration cases impact the life chances of real individuals and families. Given the weight of their work, immigration lawyers operate within an environment of urgency— the ability to stay organized, efficient and diligent is crucial.

Small law firms spend up to 40% of their time chasing after lost files and juggling calendars,  as non-billable, administrative activities eat away at time that could be spent researching, strategizing, and advocating. How can immigration lawyers shift their time away from supervising logistical tasks and refocus their energy toward successful case outcomes?

LawLab by the Innovation Law Lab is a case management software that addresses these exact challenges. Using Active Case Management principles, LawLab is a data-driven, client-focused platform that promises to streamline operations, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on defending and protecting the rights of hopeful individuals and families.

What can LawLab offer your immigration practice?

  • Workflows assembled for your productivity. Simply put, how does LawLab work? The essential processes can be boiled down to three steps: collecting and categorizing client and process data, standardizing tasks in a case, and assembling everything into an efficient sequence of items to be completed. LawLab provides users a daily report of new or unfinished tasks from unreturned calls and emails, to upcoming deadlines and next actions. Tasks are easy to view, easy to dole out to other associates, and can be checked off upon completion. No longer will important items go unnoticed, as the platform organizes assignments by priority, ensuring you always know what needs to be addressed.
  • Safeguard your firm from data loss and breach. Our cloud-based case management software protects your documents within powerful servers, encrypting your data and transmitting it securely. By adopting a paperless approach, your documents are accessible anywhere there is an internet connection, allowing several users to work on the same records at the same time, and allowing individual users to access many records simultaneously.
  • A responsive, instantaneous search engine. Being unable to locate important files and emails impedes the success of your practice and clients. With LawLab’s intelligent search engine, you can search for documents using a telephone number, a case ID number, a client name, a partial name, a receipt number and more. Search results are populated almost instantly, and displayed in an easy-to-view layout, complete with hyperlinks to relevant records. Within a case file, users can search for keywords, events related to the case, attached documents among other items. Client records can easily be accessed in the office or on the go.
  • Data-rich features to support your practice. LawLab creates a platform for immigration lawyers to utilize analytics to better manage cases, compare aggregate data across clients and improve profits. Users can track a variety of data, from client demographics to case outcomes to attorney-specific statistics, and create data tables to identify trends and patterns. With the ability to evaluate where processing inefficiencies exist and single out winning management practices, users can eliminate costs, save valuable time and refocus strategies to improve case outcomes.
  • Reliable Helpdesk support and training. The Innovation Law Lab Helpdesk offers quick, responsive, one-on-one support to manage your LawLab software and subscription, and provide any training materials you need to master LawLab. Our training toolkit includes video demonstrations, written materials, and introductory webinars. Users can schedule personalized training for members of their firms, emphasizing LawLab best practices and how they can use the platform to meet management objectives.
  • A platform designed for lawyers, by lawyers. Having been developed by a team of immigration lawyers at Innovation Law Lab, LawLab software is designed with the specific needs of law practitioners and immigration case management in mind. Unlike many other law firm CRM software tools, the powerful data-driven features of LawLab are accessible to solo firms, small firms, and nonprofit organizations to revolutionize their practices and achieve better client outcomes.

LawLab by the Innovation Law Lab is the client-focused, data-driven case management software that solo practitioners, small firms, and nonprofit organizations need to increase positive client outcomes and maximize efficiency and effectiveness.