Copy/Merge Feature for Parties in LawLab 5.1!

by Stephen Manning — Posted in Platform Release Notes Updates on March 13, 2018

Earlier this year, we introduced Interview and a whole new way to collect and analyze core, substantive information about your clients in order to make the best decisions. Today, we introduce a new Copy/Merge feature for parties in LawLab 5.1.

With Copy, information can be copied from one party to another. With Merge, two parties are merged into a single party.

To start Copy or Merge, click on the Copy/Merge icon  in the Record Caption. (The icon appears only when there are two or more parties associated with the record).

Keep in mind that there is no undo for Copy/Merge. Copy permanently overwrites data. Merge permanently deletes source party information.

Merging Parties

  • From the Record View, click on the   icon on the top right corner:

  • In the Party Merge screen, select the “Source” Party and the “Destination” Party. Identify the party and information you want to preserve. In most cases, duplicates will have no information attached at all. Available fields to merge will be visible once the Source and Destination parties have been selected. Fields marked green mean that information in that field will be preserved and will replace the information contained in the corresponding red field.  Fields containing identical information for both Parties will be hidden to simplify the display.
  • In some cases there may be Interview sections that allow multiple entries.  In this case, those fields on the Destination Party will not be highlighted in red, but will be preserved.  These fields will be indicated by a plus-arrow (⥅). You will need to remove these fields manually from the Destination Party if you do not wish to preserve them.
  • All Attachments will be copied to the Destination Party by default.

If you don’t want to replace the information, don’t check off any field.


  • The option to Delete the “Source” party is located at the bottom left. This option will allow you to delete the duplicate:

If you click on it, a warning message will pop up:

A last message will pop up after acknowledging the warning and clicking on the Merge Parties button:

Clicking OK will permanently delete the “Source” party, thus eliminating the duplicate.

Copying information from one party to another

If you only want to COPY information from one party to another, select your Source and Destination parties, and check off the fields you want to copy from one party to the other, and then click on the Merge Parties option.

You will see the same warning as before:

Click OK. Your parties will still be in your record, but the information in the Destination party will now be updated according to the fields selected.

Administrators control who can Copy or Merge. To turn on Copy/Merge, the administrator must set a User’s rights to Admin, Copy Party, or Merge Party.

Rethinking Parties in 5.1 – What’s New?

by Stephen Manning — Posted in Platform Release Notes Updates on January 30, 2018

In LL 5.1, Parties got a lot of love. In fact, they got a whole new interface and data engine called Interview. Now, unlike before, Parties can easily link multiple cases within a record.

Before, parties were static entries–associated only with a single case within a single record. Each time a user created a new case, all the party information needed to be re-entered. This was inefficient and ineffective.

It also prevented robust data collection because it was not dynamic and the data would not travel with the party as his or her case developed over time. LL 5.0 was built on the fly to accommodate an urgent need for the pro bono defense teams for the Artesia Pro Bono Project.

In LL 5.1, all Parties are managed through Interview. In Interview strategic information about the client (history, claim, story, family; all information that will help to build their case) is recorded.  The Interview engine is gleaming machine that is built to do even more. Under-the-hood, it’s engine is designed to support our next generation legal analysis modules to help you spot troublesome admissibility, eligibility, and long term relief.

Interview requires that each Party have a first name, last name, date of birth, and gender. This allows for the engine to identify and link parties to the appropriate case.

Transition tip: For parties entered in 5.0, you will be required to add the required information the first time you seek to update that record.

You create a new record by starting a new interview.

There are 5 required fields to create a new record:  the primary party’s first and last name, the date the record is opened, the assigned attorney, and the case type.  After this information is entered the “create” button activates.  Click Create. Creating a new record will also automatically create a new case.  (The primary party will be linked to the record and the case.)

Pro tip: Leave the Record ID blank. LawLab will auto-assign a unique Record ID number that you can use for LawLab, the physical file, and all of your data systems. The number begins with the year and followed with a 4 digit sequential number, e.g., 20170045 (means the 45th record created in 2017).  Once a Record ID is assigned, it cannot be changed. It is a permanent, unique identifier.

That’s it. You can now immediately switch to Docket to begin adding additional case information, upload documents, enter case notes, set reminders or use Interview to update party information and add additional parties.

Pro tip: We like to quickly add the key Personal Details at this point: the date of birth, country of birth, relationship, language and the A# if available. LawLab won’t require you to do before switching to the Docket (and adding case information), but it is a best practice and helps speed up searches later.


Contact Migration in 5.1.0

by Stephen Manning — Posted in Platform Updates on January 30, 2018

A big improvement with 5.1.0 is the ability to create a party and share that party information across all cases in a record. This feature allows the user to collect deeper, more substantive data. When there is a data mismatch between how a party was originally entered in LL 5.0 and now, LL 5.1 makes an assumption as to which party is the correct party to display in the Record Caption — we call this person the Contact Party (that is, who is the person you are most likely to contact for a case).

During the migration, if LL 5.1.0 was unable to find an existing party that matched the first and last names of the Contact Party, so the system created one to ensure that the contact information remained unchanged after the upgrade.  Mismatches happen due to a misspelling in the record contact information vs the party’s, omitted maternal name, maternal name in First Name field vs Last Name field, etc. If LL 5.1 created a Contact Party for the record, the docket will say:

Contact migration: Created new Party ‘NEW-PARTY-NAME’ from existing record details and it has been assigned as a Contact Party. Note that this Party will not have any Case Notes or history associated with it, and may simply be the result of a misspelling of the original Party’s name. Please confirm that the contact information for this Record is correct, you may select an alternate Contact Party by editing this Record. If you have any questions, please contact

When this appears in your docket, you should confirm that LL 5.1 choice of Contact Party is the right one. If so, nothing more needs to be done. If not, then you can change the Contact Party by selecting Edit on the Record Caption.

Then select the appropriate Contact Party from the drop down list.


LawLab 5.1.0 Is Live!

by Stephen Manning — Posted in blog Platform Release Notes Updates on November 4, 2017

We are happy to announce the 5.1.0 release of LawLab.  This release features a number of major improvements including Interview and Active Case Management. Interview is a single-page application that lets interviewers collect and organize the maximum amount of client information in a flexible format, allowing them to conduct interviews in a way that is most comfortable for the client and the interviewer. Active Case Management is a productivity tool that automates workflows and triggers case events, ensuring that process is well-defined and utilized throughout the practice.

A feature that has been often requested has now arrived: Access Control!  This allows an Administrator to create Limited users who may only access specific Records, and may have different, fine-grained permissions applied to various Records.

Another important part of the 5.1.0 release is an overall security hardening of the LawLab application.   Password encryption, while adequate, has been significantly strengthened. Administrators now have the ability to require that a user change their password on next login, allowing initial passwords to be shared then immediately replaced by the user.  Users will also be greeted with a new login notice stating the last time and location of their session, and a warning if it appears to be significantly different from the prior session.

A number of other smaller, “behind the scenes” improvements and changes have been made to facilitate even bigger features coming soon!

Breaking Changes

  • As a result of improved password security, Calendar ICS and RSS feed URLs will need to be recreated once after the user’s first login post-upgrade.  Existing URLs will no longer function
  • Administrator accounts with either default email addresses or passwords will be forced to update their email and/or password information on the next login.

Major Features / Improvements

  • Interview Application
  • Active Case Management Workflows
  • Auto fill new Docket entries with attachments and comments
  • Unified Parties
  • Access Control
  • Security Hardening
  • Multi-User Dashboard

Bug Fixes / Minor Improvements

  • Added ability to print Task report directly from Dashboard
  • Improved UI button consistency
  • Security Role functionality is consistent across the site
  • Gender added to party
  • Task report improvements
  • Password reset page styling improvements
  • Calendar library upgrade
  • Calendar event/task comment details now scroll with page
  • Include Gender in Parties report
  • Dashboard options now persist for entire login session instead of being reset each page view
  • XSLX export support has been removed
  • Docket styling improvements to indicate future/past entries
  • Case Actions may now be limited to specific Case Types
  • Remove Flash requirement for address clipboard copy support
  • Added Religions
  • Prevent identically named items from being created in some dropdowns (Case Types, Case Actions, etc)
  • Fix case when Events without comments wouldn’t match when Advanced Search was ran with no query and a Case Action specified
  • Allow sorting by Attorney column in Records and Consultations view
  • Allow searching by Attorney in Consultations
  • Fix for error when certain Consultations are returned in Management Report

LL 5.1.0 will be available in beta until January 29, 2018. You can create a subscription and take advantage of beta pricing here.