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Tactical training materials




How to Prepare for the Asylum Tactical Training

  1. Watch The Guardian country claims video for contextual understanding
  2. Watch the Core Asylum Videos (1-12)
  3. Download & Read
    1. The CGRS Guidelines on Gender-Based Claims by Blaine Bookey & Eunice Lee (if short on time, read Section II, p 15-29).
    2. This Immigration Judge decision
    3. This Legal Guide on Asylum Claims by Michelle Mendez

Understanding Context



Understanding Core Asylum Law

Asylum Nutshell Curriculum

Asylum Nutshell Videos 

These videos provide core knowledge about asylum and asylum-related protections. Although best viewed in sequence, they are designed to be viewed in any order. The total time for the entire curriculum is approximately 80 minutes. We recommend viewing a few modules at a time. We recommend viewing these modules prior to the tactical training, which will be an advanced training assuming prior knowledge of the basics of asylum law contained in these video modules.    



Written Materials

We recommend purchasing for this training and your library the Essentials of Asylum Law by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. It is available here for immediate download. The book is not required; however, it will add to your knowledge and provide greater context when working on individual client asylum claims. 

We also strongly recommend this chapter from AILA on litigating asylum claims. 









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