The Cibola County Correctional Center (Cibola) is an notorious immigration prison in Milan, New Mexico. Since Cibola began detaining people in ICE custody in October 2016, thousands of asylum seekers have suffered within its walls – surviving inhumane conditions, woefully inadequate medical and mental health care, and rampant due process violations, among other harms.  

Cibola was the focus of great scrutiny and ultimately closed when the Bureau of Prisons prematurely ended its contract in August of 2016 due to rampant medical neglect and failures to provide basic services.

Since reopening with an ICE contract, Cibola has continued to be a site of horrific acts of medical negligence, including the death of Roxana Hernandez in May 2018.

Cibola is run by CoreCivic – the same for-profit private prison companies in the United States, which also owns and operates the Torrance County Detention Facility in Estancia, NM. Cibola has the capacity to detain up to 1,129 people in immigration custody at any given time. 

Cibola has long been a site of public scrutiny for its legal and human rights violations, including the abhorrent treatment of transgender asylum seekers detained in the now closed “trans pod”.

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