Imagine a Fair Immigration Court

Immigration Court Watch aims to empower and expand immigration court watch projects while creating and sharing data with organizers, advocates, academics, and reporters to call attention to patterns of abuse and opportunities to advocate for migrant justice.

Activism Made More Powerful

CourtWatch is a new tool that leverages the power of technology to help immigrant rights activists increase their impact at ending unlawful and unjust deportations at the immigration courts.

Leaders Wanted

Team Leads organize local volunteers and support local court watch teams. They train, schedule observation days, and oversee the automated transcription process for the team.

Powerful Technology

Law Lab’s CourtWatch tool uses technology to empower everyone to defend due process.

Transparency & Power

Information is power. With the Law Lab’s CourtWatch tool, local advocates get access to aggregated data¬†from their jurisdiction and across the country¬†on immigration courts, immigration judges, and case outcomes.

Support Our Work

As a nonprofit organization, Innovation Law Lab relies on generous contributions from supporters like you to continue our important work of upholding the rights of immigrants and refugees. Stand with immigrants and refugees making a contribution today