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As a first time user, you should have received an email with a link to your instance, including the administrator username and password.  It is assumed that you will be an administrator of the site. This is what you should be seeing right now:

Check the Remember me box if you wish to remain logged in, or if you are using a mobile hotspot. Only use this option if you are using a secure computer. An additional box will appear:

In your first log in, you will need to enter a valid address for your administrator user, as well as a new password.

Quick Tip: Your password cannot be the same as your current password. It must not contain login name or user name.

Once you have entered those fields, the next screen will be the Dashboard, or your home page.

The Main Menu displays or hides a list of Quick Links with each link.

Advanced Reporting: Allows you to run reports based on a number of conditions, combining case types, case events, and demographic information. The result of each search can be exported into a csv file for further manipulation. Each search can be saved to be re-used later:

In this example, the resulting report will provide all the Asylum cases where the parties are from India and practice Islam.


Records: Displays a list of records created that can be exported into a .csv file.

Navigator Portal: This portal is available for Pro and Advanced Subscribers.

The Navigator is a place where users (Partners) with access to your lawlab instance can submit referrals for you to review. The referrals can be accepted, declined or returned by other full users in your database. Partners mainly collect and process data that is made available to you via the Navigator, before starting a new case. This is a time-saving tool that is fundamental in the fight for collaborative representation.


Reports: Creates a variety of reports to fit your reporting needs.


  • Statistics: View various statistics for cases over a specified time period.
  • Parties: Available for Tier 2 users and above. Full CSV export to Party information in your database. Useful for mail merges.
  • Tasks: Pull reports of unfinished tasks and events, open cases, priority dates and more.
  • Priority Date: Pull monthly reports for Visa Priority Dates.
  • Cases: Advanced reporting for Cases. Tier 2 users and above will be able to export this report as CSV file.
  • Management: Management reporting shows recent logins and user activity.


Calendar: Designed to help you keep track of appointments and tasks for you and your team. Pro and Advanced Subscribers have the option to easily synchronize their lawlab calendar with google calendar.

  • LawLab Calendar: Displays appointments and/or tasks for specific users, in a monthly, weekly or daily view.
  • Link Google Calendar: Authorizes LawLab to create a new Calendar in your Google Account where you can see your tasks and appointments. It’s important to remember that this feature is just a calendar, not a schedule management tool, any changes made to tasks or events in your Google Calendar will not be reflected in your appointments or tasks in LawLab.


User: This is your profile. Here you can:

  • Change your password.
  • Log out of your database.


Settings: It opens a variety of options that you can use to build your instance. Settings will only show in the dashboard of Administrator Users. It gives you access to:

  • Manage subscription: It will redirect you to your sign-up site, where you can view your account, update your payment information, and manage your subscription.
  • Manage Invoicing: Allows synchronization with for client-billing purposes. Only available for Pro and Advanced subscribers.
  • Manage Users: Create new users; deactivate users; reset passwords and unlock accounts.
  • View Log: See who accessed your instance, when and from where. It also shows changes made to your LawLab instance.
  • Edit Case Actions: Create and edit case actions. Pro and Advanced subscribers will be able to design and edit triggers
  • Edit Case Types: Create and edit your own Case Types. Pro and Advanced subscribers will be able to design and edit workflows.
  • Edit Document Sets: Create and edit sets of documents that can be attached to your case actions. Only available for Pro and Advanced subscribers.
  • Edit Countries: Add or edit the automatic list of countries. Your list includes the name of 248 countries.
  • Edit Languages: Add or edit the automatic list of languages. Your list includes the name of 151 languages.
  • Edit Locations: Create and edit locations to keep track of your physical files, so that others know where to look if they need to find a specific file. This will be unique to your practice’s filing practices.
  • Edit Relationships: Add or edit the various relationships that your future parties will have in a case. The pre-populated list comes with 11 different types of relationships.
  • Edit Party Roles: Add or edit the roles your future parties will play within a case. The pre-populated list comes with 7 different types of relationships.
  • Edit Preferences: Add or edit the Preference Category list of family-petition case types.
  • Edit Searches: Review and edit previous searches made via Advanced Reporting.


Quick Tip: How to identify my version of Lawlab.


Just hover on the browser tab and a description will appear. This is very useful if you are communicating with our Helpdesk team, since they will sometimes ask for this information.

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