Creating Case Types

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Creating Case Types

As the Administrator you will be creating the Case Types used by your practice. You can add to these later but thoroughly thinking through this as you set up your system will save you a lot of work in the future. This is a critical step since it will impact the efficiency and consistency of your data and reporting capabilities

To create a new case type, click on Edit Case Types in Settings:

Name your case type in the Type Name field. You will need to add a short description in the next field. The more precise you are in defining your Case Types, the better your ability to create targeted Workflows and Triggers, which will help you build a comprehensive case structure. The feature to create Workflows and Triggers is available for T2 users and above.

For example, many users create Case Types by section of law. Here are a few examples:


  • Type Name    201(b)

Description    I-130 Petition Immediate Relative

  • Type Name    203(a)

Description    I-130 Petition Preference Relative

  • Type Name    221

Description    Immigrant Visa Consular Processing

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