Creating Document Sets (T2 users and above)

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Creating Document Sets (T2 users and above)

As Administrator, you can create your own document library in Lawlab. The documents in your library are called Document Sets. You can attach Document Sets to Case Actions so that your case actions and workflows are even more complete. The Document Sets will automatically appear every time you use them within a workflow or individually, depending on the case action settings they are attached to. To start building your system library:

Create your document

Click on Settings and select Edit Document Sets. Then click on the + sign to add a new document. You will be required to enter a “Title” of the document. The comment section is not required, but it’s useful if you want to add a description of what the document should be used for.

Once you create a title for your document, click on the green check mark. The title of your document will be added to the list of existing documents. Once it is listed, you will have several options: View, Edit, Upload, or Delete.

Click on the upload icon to upload your file (or files). Once you attach your file, the number of files uploaded in that document set will show.

Link your document to a case action.

Click on Settings and select Edit Case Actions. Then add or edit the case action you would like your document to be attached to. Select your file from the Document sets drop-down menu:

You can link multiple documents to the same case action, either by adding the documents in one document set, or by adding several document sets to your case action.

Check the box “Attach Documents During Workflow only” if you want your document to automatically appear ONLY if the case action is used in a workflow.

You can also check this option directly in the list of case actions:

Now your case action with automatic document is ready to be used!

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