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Connecting Your Lawlab Instance to Invoiced.com

This option is only available to Administrators.

  • Click on Manage Invoicing in Settings
  • The system will display instructions to create an account with Invoiced.com

  • Complete the required fields in Invoiced.com

Invoiced.com will guide you to set up your account.

Quick Tip: Your Invoiced account doesn’t need to match the administrator email. The email address that you choose will receive a welcome email with information about how to manage your Invoiced.com account, as well as an email to verify your account.

Once your account has been set up in Invoiced.com, click on Settings. You will need to obtain an application programming interface or API key. The API key will link your Invoiced.com account with your LawLab instance. Go to Developers to get your API Key:

Next, click on Show Secret to display your API key.

Then, in your Lawlab instance, copy the key into the Invoiced.com integration page and connect to Invoiced.com

The next screen will appear if your integration was successful:

From this moment on, you can:

  1. a) Synchronize your case types with Invoiced.com to create your own service catalog;
  2. b) Manage your catalog to set your service pricing; or
  3. c) Delete your API key to disconnect from Invoiced.com

If you are not ready yet to do all or any of those options, you can leave this screen and return to it later by clicking on Manage Invoicing in your Settings.