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Setting up Accounts in Invoiced.com

This option is only available to Admin and Editor users. For more information, go to Managing Users.


Create a new case in an already existing client in Lawlab, or create a new Record ID for a new client.

You will see the option to invoice your client for that specific case in the upper right corner of the Case Card,

Clicking on “Create Invoice”, will redirect to your account in Invoiced.com. The “draft” invoice will display the information according to the Record ID and the Case Type. Note that:

  • 1. The invoice will be in “draft” status until you click Issue invoice
  • 2. The “draft” invoice will inherit the name of the Contact party in the record. Click on the hyperlink to view Customer’s details such as name, address, or record ID.
  • 3. The “draft” invoice will inherit the name of the attorney assigned to the case.

When the invoice is issued, the balance will show in your client’s Invoiced.com profile as well as the LawLab profile:

Lawlab will also change the Invoice message to “View Invoice” in order to avoid invoice duplicates. Clicking on View the invoice for this case  will open your client’s invoice information in a new tab.


If you don’t issue the invoice, the “draft” invoice will be automatically stored in the Drafts section in Invoices: