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Viewing Balances in Your Lawlab Instance

This option is only available if the Administrator activates the View Balances role for Standard User types.

If your client has an open balance in invoiced, it will be displayed on the right side of the Record View, under Other. If the account is in arrears, the Balance will be shown in red. If the account is current or the invoice is not due, the balance will be shown in blue.

Click on the the invoice link at the top right to:

  • Collect and edit payments,
  • Add or edit your client’s payment methods,
  • Add or edit your client’s payment plan,
  • Print or email balances, receipts, or payment history, and
  • Create payment reports.

Click on Balance to download a PDF statement of your client’s invoices and payments.

To learn more about these features, visit Invoiced.com.

If you find that Invoiced.com is not the right tool for you or your practice, you can always disconnect your Lawlab instance from Invoiced.com by clicking on Manage Invoicing in Settings and selecting Disconnect option:

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