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Editing Users

Once you start creating your users, they will be displayed in alphabetical order:

The 3 icons on the far-right side will let you unlock a user, edit a user, or delete a user.


A user will get his account locked after 5 failed login attempts. The user will see a warning message after the fourth failed attempt that he/she is allowed one more attempt. If failed, their access will be locked. The user will receive an email to the address in his/her profile with a link to unlock the account.


An Administrator can also unlock a user’s account by clicking on the red lock icon.

To edit a user, click on the pencil icon.  This will allow you to change usernames, emails, type of users, and team designation. You can also Disable the user if they no longer work with you.

NOTE: We do not recommend deleting a user since it may affect case entries and/or notes made by this user. Instead, you should disable the user in the edit screen and uncheck the “Show in List” option in the Users screen. Disabling their access will prevent unwanted access to the platform, while unchecking the “Show in List” option will prevent the username from appearing in the general list of users.

Functional Users

If you need to assign a specific task to several collaborators or a group of people or team (like the front-desk, the billing department, and so on, then you can create a Functional User.

For example, if you have a team in charge of consultations, your Functional User may look like this:

Note: You don’t need a true email to create a Functional User.

When you create and assign tasks to a Functional User, other members can see these tasks in their dashboards by adding the Functional User to their dashboard.

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