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Editing Users

Once you start creating your users, they will be displayed in alphabetical order:

The 3 icons on the far right side will let you unlock a user, edit a user, or delete a user.

A user will get his account locked after 5 failed login attempts. The user will see a warning message after the fourth failed attempt that he/she is allowed one more attempt. If failed, the acces will be locked. The user will receive an email to the address in his/her profile with a link to unlock the account.

An Administrator can also unlock a user’s account by clicking on the red lock icon.

To edit a user, click on the pencil icon.  This will allow you to change usernames, emails, type of users, and permissions. You can also Disable a user if he/she no longer works with you.

NOTE: We do not recommend deleting a user since it may affect case entries and/or notes made by this user. Instead, you should disable the user and uncheck the “Show in List” option.

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