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User view: Checkers

A checker is the person designated to view the referrals when they are first submitted. They may choose whether the referral is promoted to review or declined because of a conflict. A Checker is a Standard User with the Checker role assigned. View Managing Users for more information.

A Checker has access to browse records (and consultations in older LawLab versions), but not to create new cases via Interview. They are also able to do simple searches in the database, but they can’t perform Advanced Search (if needed, this role can be added to their Standard User by the Administrator). A checker’s dashboard looks like this:

A Checker’s main purpose is to check for conflict -that is, a conflicting or adverse party-. They only have access to the name of the referral. Checkers can decline a referral if there is a conflicting or adverse party under the same name in the database. If there is no conflicting or adverse party, the checker can promote the referral to a Reviewing Status.

Checkers also have a “click-to-search” feature, which allows them to perform a simple search if they click on a referral’s name.

A Checker can see previous referrals by clicking on the Show all option at the top right. Note that Checkers can see Referral content and Record only if the referral was accepted.

A Checker will be able to submit referrals if the Administrator assigns the Can Refer role. If the Administrator assigns the Review Role, they can also view the details of a referral -even if they are not yet accepted-. View Managing Users for more information.

When a checker promotes a referral, the referral will show a Reverse option  to return to the partner (if needed):

The referral author will get an email confirming that the referral has been checked for conflict and that it has been promoted to the Reviewing status.

At any time, the referral author may review the contents of the referral. The current stage will be visible and they may review a history of stage changes as well as reviewer comments by clicking on the “Status” tab.

During the Reviewing status, the referral author can also Revert the referral if there is new information provided by the referral.

Reverting the referral will open the referral again so the referral author can edit the information accordingly and resubmit the referral for checking.

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