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User view: Partners

A user who has been set as a Partner will see only information concerning the Navigator Portal. A Partner does not have access to any of the client’s information in your original database. As an Administrator, you will need to create a new user and assign them as a Partner. This screen shows what a Partner will see at login:

Once a Partner chooses to create a referral, this window will display:

  1. Status of Referral: There are 6 Referral stages:
  1. Composing is the first stage. Every new referral will show this status until it is submitted for review. This is the only stage wherein the referral is editable. A referral may return to this stage if a Reviewer
  2. Checking – A referral has been submitted and must be checked for conflict. The referral is visible to users with Checker role, only. The referral author and name and date of birth of the referred party are the only fields revealed.
  3. Conflicted – A Checker has determined there is a conflict with this party.
  4. Reviewing – A referral has passed the conflict check but is still under review by a Reviewer. All information is readable by the reviewer and they may engage in discussion with the referral author.
  5. Declined – A Reviewer has declined a referral/consultation.
  6. Accepted – This referral has been converted into an actual Record.
  1. Section Tabs: The information collected about a person in a referral is divided up among a number of sections. The information entered in each section will auto-populate in Interview if the referral is accepted.

    Clicking on a section tab will show the information in that section. Each section tab has a blue level meter indicating how much information has been collected in that section.

    Many sections are composed of repeated sub-sections. For instance, you may add multiple instances of Travel to the Travel section to represent different trips that a person has taken out of the country. Similarly, you may collect information about multiple children, marriages, detentions, and court decisions.

    Note that Identity and Travel sections have a red asterisk “*” indicating that those sections include required fields that must be filled in before a referral may be submitted. The asterisk will disappear once the mandatory fields are completed.

  2. Navigation Buttons: These buttons move the focus of the view back and forth from field to field and tab to tab.

    Note that it is much faster to simply hit the Tab key after entering a field value in order to advance to the next field. Hitting shift-Tab will move back to the previous field. Alt-Tab and Shift-Alt-Tab will move you forth and back, respectively, among tabbed sections. If you forget which keys do what, hover over the corresponding navigation button to see a hint.

    There are two modes in which to view referral information, Guide View and Page View.

  • Guide View is intended to guide you through every section, focusing on each field in turn and providing verbose prompts.
  • Page View displays a scrolling view of all fields in a section. This is the default view in all stages except Composing.

Use the Guide View and Page View buttons to select your view.

Once the mandatory fields in Identity and Travel tabs have been completed, the option to submit to Lawlab will activate.

When you click Submit to Lawlab, the system will present all the information under a new tab titled “Confirm”. Review the information entered and click on Continue at the bottom of the page.

The system will then present a second tab titled “Affirm” wherein you must affirm that all information provided is true and that the person interviewed has given you permission to share his/her information with Lawlab. Affirming both sentences will activate the Submit Referral option (it will turn green).

Note: Standard users with “Can Refer” role will not see the Affirm tab.

The next screen will confirm that your referral was submitted successfully and is under review. Once a referral is submitted, it cannot be edited by the Partner unless it is reverted by a Reviewer.

While the referral is under review, the Referral author and Reviewers may participate in a chat-like discussion under a section tab titled “Status”. All Reviewers and the referral author will receive email notifications when others comment on the referral.

The partner user can review the status of all the referrals he/she submitted by going to Home:

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