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User view: Reviewers

A Reviewer is the user assigned to accept, decline, or revert referrals. A Reviewer can only see referrals that have passed the conflict check done by the Checker.  They may also send messages using the dialog window to the referral author if necessary. A Reviewer is a Standard User with the Reviewer role assigned.

Similar to Checkers, Reviewers are authorized to browse records (and consultations in older LawLab versions), generate reports, and do simple searches in the database. However, they are unable to do Advanced Search unless the role is added to their user. A Reviewer is also unable to create new cases via Interview (unless the Administrator adds the Create role) and they can’t submit referrals unless the Can Refer role is added.

The Navigator Portal of a Reviewer may look like this:

A Reviewer may modify the status of a referral by pressing one of the buttons attached to it:


  1. Accepted (1) will open the referral under a new information block called Accept Case.   This option will convert the referral into a new Record ID with a new Case register. The option to create a new case won’t be available until all mandatory fields are completed.
  2. Return to Partner for editing (2) will open the referral in the dialogue box under a new section tab titled Confirm.The Reviewer can request additional information in the dialogue box for the Referrer to read. The referral author can submit the referral again when the additional information has been completed.
  3. Conflict / decline referral (3) will mark the referral as conflicted. The referral will disappear from the list of referrals and the reviewer won’t have access to view or comment on it afterwards.
  4. Decline Referral (4) will open the Confirm tab where the Reviewer can add additional comments about the reason for declining the referral
  5. View referral details (5) will display the referral information.


At any point, the Reviewer may click on the options on the left to change the status of a referral


Once the Reviewer accepts a case, a new Record ID will be created, which will contain the same information that was collected during the referral interview:

If there are files that were collected during the referral stage, the system will create an automatic case note in the docket that will have all files attached.

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