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LawLab Release 6.30.20 Version 6.4.8

LawLab 6.4.8 Release Notes

The first maintenance release for Quarter 2, 2020, this release changes the type of users that admins can choose from when creating or editing users. This update also changes the type of users that currently exist in your database (please see documentation link). It also brings back functionality that existed in previous versions such as the Family Separation Module and solves for some bugs related to the invoicing feature.

Major Improvements / Features

List of improvements or features

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The permissions/access system

Rather than a user having multiple roles to determine what they can do, a user is given one user-type, which determines what that user is allowed to do. The user types are: Admin, Editor, Contributor, Commenter, Viewer, and Navigator. You can read more about them at


Existing users have been updated to have a user-type that seems appropriate given what roles they had before. If you identify permission or access issues, please visit our article about user migration. You can also emails us at


  • A user’s user-type determines what they can do on a record that they can access. Admins can set up teams to allow some users to access only some records.  See teams documentation for more information about the Teams feature.
  • Family Separation Module – Ability to add FSM modules in Party Profile is back, available under the Background tab.
  • Design changes for better visualization across the database
  • Navigator Portal updates:
    • All user-types can now submit their own referrals. However, only Admins and Editors in all teams can view, check, accept or decline referrals. When an Editor belongs to a specific teams or teams, they no longer can see all referrals, They only see their own.
    • Notifications: we now send email alerts only to users (admins or all-team editors) who have checked more than 4 referrals in the past 6 months. These users are not alerted about system-messages unless it is a system message about a new referral.

Minor Improvements

List of improvements or features [include visuals if possible]

  • Old Consultations show full text (limited to 500 characters)
  • Other” field is visible when browsing records. This field will be accessible and editable with the next release.
  • Fix tooltip for Main Menu to show corresponding “Open” or “Close” text
  • Improved homepage Search – now allows picking case types and searching comments in case actions
  • Improved Markdown syntax that users can apply to format text in case notes.
  • Order of Phone fields in Party Edit reorganized by Type of phone + Owner + Phone number
  • Ability to generate invoices and see the billing history is available to “editors” users and admin users.

Bug Fixes

List of bug fixes

  • For users integrated with Issues with Invoiced Balance and Billing History not showing up or showing incorrect balance has been resolved.
  • Hide “Delete Party” link inside a case if it’s the only case that Party lives in
  • Fixed Age calculation that was not displaying the correct age whenever the DOB date was in the same month.
  • Fixed not being able to edit a Record’s “Adverse Party”
  • Fixed family members’ income not saving correctly under Party edit
  • Note fields in Criminal and Detention History are now saving

Date and time of Release

This release is scheduled for 6/30/20 from 6pm PST to 8pm PST.

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