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LawLab Release 6.5.5

This version includes some improvements to task and event edit workflow, implements a “Site Notification” feature to display notifications to Law Lab users for big updates, and updates how Cases show up in the Record detail page. This release also includes other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Major Improvements / Features

  • Site Notifications – We have added notifications to LawLab that will allow engineers to occasionally alert users about upcoming changes to the software. The notifications will display in the top-right, and users will need to dismiss them. These will not be frequent, but will provide a helpful way to notify users of changes that might affect their workflow. There will be a link to view past notifications as well.

  • Docket Display – We’ve updated how case actions (task, event, note) show up in the Case detail page/Docket, and made edit functionality available straight from the docket, eliminating the ‘Detail’ dialog. With this change you can make changes like marking a task or event as complete, pinning items, or removing and downloading files, directly from the Docket.

  • Case Card Display – We’ve updated Case Cards in the Record detail page to now display all filled-in case fields by default, removing the “view case” button at the bottom of a card so clicking anywhere on the card opens the case detail page/docket.

Minor Improvements

List of improvements or features

  • Phone number entry is now validated, with the ability to add phone extension in a separate field, as well as pick new non-Us phone types (“NonUS voice only”, “NonUS with texting”). Two existing phone types have been updated –  “Mobile-No text” to “Mobile voice only”, and “Mobile-Texting” to “Mobile with texting”   
  • Errors with clearer messages now display if updating a Record, Case, Case Action, or Party fails
  • “Email” is now optional for user accounts 
  • If your instance has Asylum Assistant enabled– party name is added to the comment in generated i589 Case Note  
  • Display if a user account is an admin in dropdowns and other places 
  • Allow attachment references on consultation events to be downloaded if the user is an admin.
  • For admins: Seat count in a user’s page has been removed
  • Text for alert that displays when trying to exit Party edit view with unsaved changes is clearer for the user:


Bug Fixes

List of bug fixes

  • There was an error when trying to delete users – we now require that an account be disabled before accounts can be deleted
  • Make it clearer to the user that when a file upload is timed out for a Case note, event, or task, that they can cancel the upload to be able to save any other updates
  • Asylum Assistant – a bug where no i589 would be generated after clicking “Create” for some Parties has been fixed and also making sure the full error messages are saved in the back-end log (for engineers to review)
  • Validation – Under “Overview” tab, entering 0 (zero) for any of the “number of…” fields would mark it as invalid. This has been updated to accept a zero value

Date and time of Release

This release is scheduled for November 12, 2020 between 6pm-7pm Pacific Time. During this time, your database might be unreliable. 


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