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LawLab displays the Party information in its own section on the left side of the screen. This section is expandable; when the party section is expanded, the docket will be hidden. If your user type allows, you will be able to add more parties by clicking on the +Party icon next to the expand option. The 3-buttons option prints the parties information as a PDF file.

When clicked on, each party displays a preview of the party information that is available. To add or edit the party information, click on the edit option.

The Edit option will take you to the Party Details screen (previously Interview in older Lawlab versions). The Party Details screen organizes the information of each party into tabs. In every tab, the + sign located at the bottom right corner will let you add more information, or modules, related to that specific party.

The options to add more modules will change depending on the tab you are in. For example, if you are in the Personal Details tab, the +sign will display the following options:

But if you are in the Family tab, your options will be:

After you add or edit the information in the Party Details screen, you are required to click SAVE before leaving the page. If you forget to save, a warning message will appear to let you know that there are unsaved changes.


Depending on your user type, if you need to “unlink” a party from a case or delete a party completely, simply click on the 3-dots inside the party:

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