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Record View

The Record View displays the information of your record starting with the Record Manager. A Record Manager is the main contact in a case and can be updated as the information changes.

You can use the clipboard next to the Record ID to copy the Record information (Name and Record ID). Clicking on More Options (3 vertical dots on the right side of the Record Information toolbar) will let you print the record details including demographic and case information in PDF format, as well as editing the record to update the Record Manager information or to add the name of an adverse party.

Opening the record to edit will let you add the information of the Record Manager. Simply click on the extending arrow next to the Record Manager field. The next screen will take you to the Party Details screen.

Adding a name in the Adverse Party field will trigger a warning in the Record Manager view. Click on the warning icon to display the name of the Adverse Party when you are back in the Record Manager view:

When and if more parties are added to your record, an additional option to Merge Parties will display under More Options. Merging parties will let you copy the information between parties as long as the parties “live” under the same record.

NOTE: the Merge Parties feature is only available to admins and standard users with the Copy/Merge roles. This feature only appears as an option in records or cases where there is more than one party.

Under the Record Manager information, you will see all cases that have been opened for that specific record in the form of Case Cards. There is no limit to the number of cases that can be opened for a record. However, we’ve found that once a record reaches 7-10 cases, it’s at risk of becoming unmanageable. A best practice is to keep the number of cases inside a record under 7.

Every case card will display a preview of the case information including case type; date opened and or closed, parties involved and main users: the Primary Attorney and/or Legal Assistant.

Depending on you type of user, you will be able to edit or delete a case. Editing a case will open the following:

The Primary Attorney and Primary Legal Assistant can be different in every case card.

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