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The interview

The interview is devoted to accumulating substantive information about your case. Based on the concept of interviewing – collecting information about the person, your client – it allows you to gather as much or as little information as the user thinks is necessary to achieve a successful outcome. The interview helps you ask questions and collect information, and at the same time lets that information guide you in additional questioning.


With Interview, you can move around the forms, and collect and edit information at any time. Once you collect information about a party, you can link that party to any case within the same record. You can also copy and/ or merge the information from one party to another if you have the Copy and Merge roles.


The “jewels” alongside on the left provide a quick “heads up” view of the completeness of different sections of the interview.

Note: If you are unsure of the Party’s birthdate, check the Unknown / Estimated checkbox, do not leave the Date of Birth field blank.

As you complete fields in the interview, the system will save that information “on the fly”. You will see a brief message at the top of the interview screen to let you know that the information is being edited, but not yet saved. You will have the option to click on the “Save All” option. However this button will disappear once the system does its own saving, which should happen approximately every 5 seconds.

The system will show that the information has been saved with a message on the block you are editing:

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