Synchronizing your LawLab Calendar with Google Calendar

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Synchronizing your LawLab Calendar with Google Calendar

Select Link Google Calendar in the Calendar menu to sync your calendar with your Google account.  Google will instantly sync all your appointments and tasks to a new calendar that will be displayed in your Google Calendar list.

You will need to select the Google account you want to synchronize your LawLab account with:

Then, confirm that LawLab can have access to manage your Google Calendar. By accepting, an additional Google Calendar will be created in your Google account:

Your tasks for the day will show up at the top of each day. Your Appointments will show up at the specified time set in your Lawlab. If the information about the appointment gets changed in LawLab, it will be automatically updated in your Google calendar as well.

Click on any appointment or task to see a description of the event. A link in the description will take you directly to your client’s Record ID in your lawlab:

Note: Editing appointments in Google Calendar will not make changes in your LawLab events, and is not recommended. Appointments deleted in Google Calendar but not deleted in LawLab, will still show in LawLab..

Your tasks and events should sync automatically, but if you are having issues, or wish to sync tasks or events created prior to linking your Google Calendar, you may go to your LawLab instance to Re-Sync your appointments, tasks, or any other changes:

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