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Searching in the database – Tier 2 and above

There are 2 ways to search for information in the database.

  1. Simple searches will require minimum information. You can use the search field in the middle of the screen or the quick search field on the top right. For example, if you wanted to look for Damaso Perez Prado you could do it by typing:
    1. Name: Using only a few letters like Dam Pe
    2. Phone Number: Using only the last 4 digits (1100)
    3. A number: Only using the last 4 digits (2211)
    4. Record ID: Only using the last 4 digits (0003)

  2. Advanced Search (Site search) will look for specific information in all your database case entries. You can also search based on a specific case action. This feature is always available for Administrators; it can be made available to other Users if the  Advanced Search role is assigned to them. Note that Advanced Search is much more comprehensive and will search the content of Case Event comments, and may have a negative impact on the performance of your LawLab site while the search is being run.

To search for specific information, enter the text you want to search for in the field and check off the Advanced Search option. For example, advanced search for:

Will result in all case events where the name Lucas Smith appears, which can be useful while searching for Adverse Parties when the information has been added as a case note but not as a party in any case.

You can also search for specific case actions. For example, if your want to keep track of individuals who may be eligible for initial DACA in the future, your Administrator can create a case action called DACA I, which can be used in the Docket. Then, check the Advanced Search option and select the case action:

The results will be limited to all cases in which the case action DACA I has been used:


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