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Searching in the database

There are 2 ways to search for information in the database.

  1. Simple searches will require minimum information. You can run a simple search for clients or records using the search field in the dashboard. For example, if you wanted to look for Dolores Barranco, you could do it by typing:
    1. Name: Using only a few letters like Dol Ba
    2. Phone Number: Using only the last 4 digits (1100)
    3. A number: Only using the last 4 digits (2211)
    4. Record ID: Only using the last 4 digits (0001)

  2. Searching for specific information. When in the Record View page, use the search field located under the Record Manager information to search for items in all cases.

The option to look for information inside a particular case will be available when you open any case:

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