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Why Should I Support Innovation Law Lab?

We’ve figured out how to make sure our legal system work to protect vulnerable people against unjust force on a mass scale.

Since 2014 when we started, 99% of the families and children we’ve helped have been released from detention - that’s 70,000 humans. 98% have gotten asylum from the trauma and terror they experienced in their home countries and are on the path to citizenship.

We’ve worked with partners to win key cases and are now watchdogging 4 out of the 27 US immigration jurisdictions.

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We win cases by providing resources, networks, and a victory-driven LawLab technology platform. Our platform also amasses the data and narratives required to help our partners win national impact litigation, policy shifts, and public support. It also provides the foundation for a powerful new evaluation tool to ensure that judges are fair, attorneys are skillful, and law enforcement is safe.

We need your support to address mass roundups and baseline all jurisdictions across America. Help us curb lawlessness and enforce legal protection for all.

How Can I Help?


We are currently referring legal volunteer inquiries to our partners at CARA, SIFI and the Justice Campaign.
We are seeking volunteers to support platform development, fundraising, communications, and IT. Contact us for more information.


Help us spread the word and raise resources by hosting a house party.  Contact us for more information.