Immigrant U
Empowering clients with meaningful information to improve the quality of legal services


Immigrant U is an educational program that teaches basic immigration and deportation law concepts to empower individuals going through these processes in making important and critical life choices. What does “adjustment of status” mean? What is a “notice to appear”? How do I know which attorneys to trust? I just want to know more about how people become legal in the US. Immigrant U can help.


Immigrant U’s principal goal is to empower immigrant communities by providing accurate, concrete and meaningful information about the immigration system directly to the community in order to improve the experience and the quality of legal services that they receive. We do this through videos, infographics, online courses, public screenings, discussion groups and more. 


We believe that with accurate and useful information about the immigration process, clients are better able to advocate for themselves, improving their experiences with immigration lawyers and increasing the quality of the legal services that they receive.

Immigrant U materials are for  family members, community members, and anyone who wants to understand the US immigration system.

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