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Manage multiple sites; collect data for easy grant applications

LawLab was designed with nonprofit immigrant legal service providers in mind. LawLab has features that support the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.

Unique features

  • Measure progress towards final case outcomes.
  • Allow volunteer access without compromising data integrity.
  • Create multi-party access across different site locations.
  • Reduce implementation costs with standardized work protocols.

Powerful Grant Reporting Features 

  • Collect all the data needed for funder reporting on client services in one place.
  • Assess the effectiveness of staff and volunteers.
  • Measure effectiveness of your legal program and organization.
  • Aggregate and report data easily for annual reports and special programs.

Modify on the fly 

  • Get the keys to your own system so you can evolve as the program evolves.
  • Add, modify, or change users quickly.
  • Add, modify, or change data points.
  • Give staff access to real-time case data for faster, effective decision-making.

Subscriptions priced for the nonprofit budget 

Recognized and accredited nonprofits can take advantage of the nonprofit subscription plan. The nonprofit subscription plan gives nonprofit legal service providers access to best-in-class case management services at affordable rates. The nonprofit subscription plan includes:

  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited users
  • Helpdesk support
  • Initial customer training
  • And access to all feature upgrades and innovations
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