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Everyday the immigration machine creates denials, deportations, and destruction in its wake.
1.Deadlines shift
2.Rules change
3.The Possibility of error increases
Even though every case that should win, ought to win every time, everywhere -- we struggle against chaos, frustration, and fear.
LawLab creates clarity, control, and connection for every case so you can defend the rule of law and win.
Clarity See case pathways clearly for every case so you can defend the rule of law and win.
Control Effortlessly manage cases, staff, calendars, deadlines, client conversations, and billing with one platform
Connections Spend your time on what matters most -- building strong connections with clients and expertly advocating for their rights.

LawLab Pro

  • Improves client satisfaction
  • Lowers cost
  • Increases profits
  • Avoids chaos
  • Minimizes lawyer mistakes
  • Ends unlawful deportations

What are you going to do?

LawLab Pro is the tool that powers many of the most innovative and successful legal initiatives.
LawLab powers the Innovation Law Lab. Your subscription revenue directly supports innovative litigation, cutting-edge crowdsourceding legal representation projects, and advocacy that advances the rights of immigrants and refugees.

LawLab Pro

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