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LawLab by the Innovation Law Lab is cloud-based software designed to bring powerful case management to nonprofits, mid-sized, and small firms practicing immigration law.

LawLab uses Active Case Management principles, a simple, easy-to-learn interface, and powerful data and search features to enable users to get work done efficiently. LawLab is in beta with new features added frequently.

Bring next generation lawyering to your practice.
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Active Case Management keeps you ahead of deadlines and helps you get things done.

LawLab's Active Case Management process allows you to accomplish more in less time. Active Case Management creates an efficient workflow, increases your productivity, prevents cases from slipping through the cracks, and ensures that each case is moving toward completion. 

LawLab creates a daily docket report of new or unfinished tasks such as calls to be returned, next actions, due dates, and deadlines. You can easily view the tasks on your list, check them off, or reassign tasks to an associate, paralegal, or administrative assistant. LawLab organizes tasks by priority, with the oldest tasks listed first, so that you always know what needs to happen next. Active Case Management is as simple as setting targets and reminders, and checking them off your list once complete.

LawLab organizes all client information into a Single View.

We don't use tabs, multiple screens, or hidden comment fields. At a single glance, the user can see client contact information, the intake summary, notes from follow-up appointments, calls, and emails, the client's vital documents, the forms and documents submitted to the government, receipt notices, and the case outcome.

LawLab simultaneously displays a record of past events and allows users to set reminders for the future. Sort events by date, author, or event-type. Search the events for keywords or receipt numbers. Outstanding tasks and upcoming reminders are highlighted to visually indicate next steps for each case.

LawLab is optimized for data collection, data aggregation, and data analysis.

Users can track an infinite number of variables such as client demographics, case types, case outcomes, and attorney-specific statistics, and generate data tables for analysis. Data can be aggregated across all clients or select clients. Using simple Excel-based formulas, a user can easily identify trends and patterns, see where processing inefficiencies exist, and identify successful management practices.  Non-profit service providers can strengthen grant applications, easily comply with grant reporting requirements, and present concrete reports and metrics to the board of directors. 

LawLab was the analytics engine behind the infographics in The Artesia Report.


LawLab has a simple and powerful management interface.

Users are created by an administrator and assigned access rights from a menu of options. Access rights can be quickly modified at any time. Quickly create a customized list of case actions that conform's to your office workflow. Easily edit Case Types so that they reflect only the kinds of cases you take.

LawLab's powerful search engine finds the information you need, when you need it.

A user can search using the case ID number, A#, telephone number, name, partial name, receipt number and more. LawLab search results are nearly instantaneous and are reported in an easy-to-understand screen view with hyperlinks to relevant records.

Within a case, users can search for keywords, different types of events, pleadings, attached documents and other variables.
Easily access client records in the office or on the go.

LawLab is not a forms program.

We've found that forms processing programs, while incredibly useful,  serve a very specific purpose - to collect data and drop it in the right government form for printing. LawLab is designed for managing cases and improving client outcomes. It puts the client - not the form - at the center of the practice.

LawLab is a nonprofit.
Its revenue directly supports the legal defense teams at family detention centers and creates capacity for legal advocates.

Support and Learning

Helpdesk Support |  The Innovation Law Lab Helpdesk provides quick, responsive, one-on-one support.  No long hold queues or extended wait times to get help. The helpdesk will help you set up and manage the LawLab software and subscription. 

New Customer Training | We've created a toolkit of training materials to help new users master LawLab and the data-rich environment that it creates.  The tools available include videos, written materials, and introductory webinars. Additionally, you can schedule a new-user training for your team by contacting the Helpdesk.

Self-Learning | LawLab is easy to set-up and easy to learn. If you prefer not to schedule an initial training, you can configure LawLab by using our step-by-step Setup Guide.  The Helpdesk video tutorials will teach you how to unlock the time saving features and data-driven power of LawLab. 

Individualized Training | Schedule personalized training for your firm to learn how to maximize LawLab's power and features.  We will analyze  your team's workflow and train your team on the best practices to meet your case management objectives.  Contact the Helpdesk to learn more about pricing and set up a consultation.



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