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The team behind the Innovation Law Lab

Noah Magram
Chief Technology Officer
Complex data wrangler and SaaS solution provider, Noah uses his 20+ years of development to lead the Law Lab's technology infrastructure. He is a nationally recognized developer and complex software project manager.
... but it should be easy to use

Nothing great is ever easy

Margarita Gutierrez
Program Coordinator Immigrant U
Immigrant advocate and teacher at heart. Uses language, law, and creativity to name, discuss, and build innovative solutions for many of the injustices inflicted on immigrant and communities of color.
About the immense creativity in the human spirit

Cannot stop thinking

Jose Cruz Guadarrama
Chief Media Designer
Passionate about design and immigrant rights. Jose’s vision brings artistically inventive and visually appealing elements to the Innovation Law Lab. A visionary artist, dog lover and soccer fanatic.
Are his biggest strengths: channeling abundant passion for justice into clean, meaningful design

Jose's Biggest Challenges

Stephen Manning
Human rights lawyer by day, occasional professor of law, dabbles in legal scholarship, and founder of the Innovation Law Lab.
Is humbling because lawyer tools can seldom provide complete justice

Being a lawyer

Jessica Boell
Board of Directors
Lawyer at and co-founder of Immigrant Law Group PC in Portland. National expert and specialist in removal defense, family-based immigration, federal court appeals, and assisting individuals fleeing persecution.
Literally - she has trained as a gymnast

Jumps through hoops

Jennifer Rotman
Board of Directors
Lawyer at Immigrant Law Group PC in Portland, Oregon. National expert in naturalization, removal defense, asylum claims, visas for crime victims, family immigration, and federal litigation. Teaches law at Lewis & Clark Law School.
I would never stop reading - there would be so much to learn and explore

If the world were a book

Ryan Fleming
Chair, Board of Directors
Managing Consultant and owner of Portland HR Solutions, Inc. Human Resources expert, innovator, and consultant to improve the way employees and employers invest in each other to form the most rewarding, productive, and engaging work relationships possible.
From his 100 year old farmstead in the heart of Oregon's farm country

Is writing the great American novel

Alyssa Grass
Board of Directors
Advocate and leading thinker on integrating student identity and culture into education; teaches in Portland Public Schools.
About running from Coast to Coast of the United States because it seems like an interesting thing to do

Has seriously thought

Luis Guerra
Board of Directors
Immigration Implementation Coordinator with the United Farm Workers Foundation in Los Angeles, California. Activist to the core; big thinker on all things related to implementing social change strategies.
I would start by tearing down the border fence

Ingenuity in the face of complexity

Juliet Stumpf
Board of Directors
Professor of law developing scholarship on the intersection of immigration law with criminal law, constitutional law, civil rights, and employment law. She seeks to illuminate the study of immigration law with interdisciplinary insights from sociology, psychology, criminology, and political science.
to what makes the immigrant experience unique in the world and in the United States

Has given great thought

Zach Heath
Database Engineer
15 year technologist and business intelligence guru, Zach is passionate about using technology to improve educational outcomes across the globe. Currently works as a product manager for Workday, building a student information system for the 21st century.
Board games, busting some soccer moves, and/or perfecting his role as a cocktail mixologist.

Would spend the weekend playing

Frank Rose
Database engineer
An experienced product developer and trained cognitive scientist, Frank focuses on writing powerful code to serve the powerful mission of the Innovation Law Lab.
he would have constructed a bridge to connect all the continents.

If the world were made up of Legos

Shizuko Hashimoto
Legal Fellow
An attorney and community organizer focusing on immigrants rights and building solidarity with labor, womens' rights, and environmental movements based in Central America. She graduated from the University of Washington School of Law in 2016 after receiving the William H. Gates Public Interest Law Scholarship.
are the threads that bind us together

The tiny pieces of a life

Ian Philabaum
Centers Of Excellence
Coordinator for the Centers of Excellence; formerly advocacy coordinator for the CARA Pro Bono Project at the Dilley Detention facility.
we discover new elements

When worlds collide

Dan Sadowsky
Digital Storytelling
Video producer and documentary film editor. More than two decades of practicing the craft of narrative storytelling for a variety of media.
drives me crazy and keeps me sane.

My Belgian Malinois

Michele Albaugh
Lifetime supporter of the rights of people with disabilities. Director of Learning and Development at a non-profit. Proud mom and happy wife.
is to be a good, decent person.

My ultimate responsibility

Ariel Prado
Coordinator for the Centers of Excellence in the eastern United States, formerly worked as the project manager for the CARA Pro Bono Project at the Dilley detention center. Ariel is excited to work towards ending practices of mass criminalization and incarceration.
the social function of prisons. - Angela Davis

I'm suggesting that we abolish

Ramon Valdez
Program Manager for the Western U.S. Centers of Excellence; formerly project manager for the CARA Pro Bono Project at the Dilley Detention facility in South Texas. I firmly believe that the intelligent use of technology and large scale collaboration are crucial to ensuring human rights and due process on a global scale.
a threat to justice everywhere. -MLK

Injustice anywhere is