A big improvement with 5.1.0 is the ability to create a party and share that party information across all cases in a record. This feature allows the user to collect deeper, more substantive data. When there is a data mismatch between how a party was originally entered in LL 5.0 and now, LL 5.1 makes an assumption as to which party is the correct party to display in the Record Caption — we call this person the Contact Party (that is, who is the person you are most likely to contact for a case).

During the migration, if LL 5.1.0 was unable to find an existing party that matched the first and last names of the Contact Party, so the system created one to ensure that the contact information remained unchanged after the upgrade.  Mismatches happen due to a misspelling in the record contact information vs the party’s, omitted maternal name, maternal name in First Name field vs Last Name field, etc. If LL 5.1 created a Contact Party for the record, the docket will say:

Contact migration: Created new Party ‘NEW-PARTY-NAME’ from existing record details and it has been assigned as a Contact Party. Note that this Party will not have any Case Notes or history associated with it, and may simply be the result of a misspelling of the original Party’s name. Please confirm that the contact information for this Record is correct, you may select an alternate Contact Party by editing this Record. If you have any questions, please contact helpdesk@innovationlawlab.org

When this appears in your docket, you should confirm that LL 5.1 choice of Contact Party is the right one. If so, nothing more needs to be done. If not, then you can change the Contact Party by selecting Edit on the Record Caption.

Then select the appropriate Contact Party from the drop down list.