In this age of mass incarceration and mass deportation, the work you do every day defending the rule of law through direct representation of noncitizens is critical. Your work and subscription to the LawLab platform supports innovative mass representation projects like the Sheridan Pro Bono Project, the Dilley Pro Bono Project, and many others.

You are highly committed and doing amazing work. This new version of LawLab will bring more clarity, connection, and control to you so that you can continue to win every meritorious case every time, everywhere.

LawLab 5.2.0 will be available to all existing LawLab customers in September. We’ve had 5.2 in beta at many of the pro bono projects. Our intrepid and overworked director, Stephen Manning, says “I cried the first time I used it: instant syncing, invoicing, workflows, and navigation. 5.2 has changed my life.” He is a bit melodramatic at times; though it is true that 5.2 brings a lot of major features to you.

Major Features

  • Billing & payments. LawLab integrates with a solid, full-service invoicing portal with payment plans, online payment, quickbooks integration, trust accounting and more. Take a look here
  • Instant Calendar Syncing. No more waiting for Google to pick up your calendar changes.  Get instant notifications on your desktop and mobile through the Google Calendar apps.
  • Navigation and Consultation. Navigator Portal is a new feature built off our Interview application.For nonprofits and collaboratives, trusted, trained third parties can submit client referrals for review.  For firms, Navigator functions as a consultation screening system that regularizes data collection and facilitates case screening. It includes a fine-grained permissions system to allow you to specify separate teams for conflict checks and case review, and a specific communicants channel just for referrers.
  • Download all. Every document in a client record, downloaded with one click.

Minor Improvements

  • Icon refresh. Icons will load faster and look better on high resolution displays
  • Workflow indicators. Easily see which case actions and types will trigger workflows steps
  • Tooltips. Added more tooltips to help new users get started with LawLab
  • Easier subscription management. New Manage Subscription link visible for Administrator users in Settings.
  • Improved Search Navigation. Zoom directly to the search result in the client record view

Bug Fixes

  • Statistics reports now include Records without cases or case events.
  • Admins are no longer able to delete themselves or remove their admin permission
  • Convert to Party button is disabled if user lacks the permission
  • Unlink and delete party icons are now distinct in case register
  • Date selector would be obscured in some browsers
  • Fix interview print view that may contain non-latin characters
  • Many other small fixes

Licensing & Pricing Changes

Licensing. With 5.2, there is a new license. The Unlimited license will no longer be available to new subscribers; current Unlimited license holders will not be impacted. The 5.2 license is an active-user subscription: each active-user counts against a subscription.

Each user that is not disabled or limited will be counted as an active user for subscription purposes.  A single administrator account, which is not marked as “Show in list” may be permitted and will not contribute towards your active user count, to encourage you to have a separate user for Administration.  You will see a count of the subscribed seats and active seats at the top of each LawLab page.

Please ensure you have disabled any inactive users and that your subscription reflects your actual usage.  You may update your subscription here.

Pricing. A new pricing plan will be introduced in September. After 5.2’s release, current subscribers may add users at today’s per-user rate of $25 per user, per month. Unlimited subscriptions will no longer be available as an option for new or changed subscriptions. That is, if you don’t have unlimited before 5.2, then you won’t be able to get unlimited.  Today’s pricing will only be available during the 5.2 release. After 5.2 releases are completed, subsequent releases will only be available to subscribers using the new pricing plans.