On Thursday, June 14, upon the invitation of the Mexican Consulate, two attorneys were able to meet with 10 of the 123 individuals detained at FCI Sheridan to provide legal orientation and advice.

The attorneys learned the following:

  • Almost all of these individuals have been denied access to phone use, for any purpose, for up to a month.
  • Some have been separated from their children and spouses and lack information about their family members’ whereabouts.
  • Some some have critical and untended medical needs.
  • All were deprived of an advisement of their consular rights for nearly a month.

The Innovation Law Lab and other organizations will continue to advocate to assure that individuals at FCI Sheridan have access to legal counsel. If you would like to volunteer with these efforts, please fill out this survey.

Please direct any questions to Ramon Valdez at ramon@innovationlawlab.org.